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Cal-Mag Citrate EffervescentThorne Research8 ounces 16.50
Calc Phos 6xBoiron500 tablets 12.34
Calcium CitratePure Encapsulations180 capsules 22.20
calcium magnesium citrate/malatepure encapsulations180 caps 26.00
Calcium PyruvateAllergy Research90 capsules 33.28
Cantharis 30cBoiron80 pellets 8.56
Cantharis 6CBoiron80 Pellets 9.98
CarditoneAyush Herbs60 capsules 34.50
Castor OilHeritage16 fl oz 13.50
Castor Oil Cotton FlannelHeritage12''x27'' 16.10
Castor Oil Roll-onHeritage3 fl oz 8.30
Caulophyllum Thalictroides 1MBoiron30c 11.06
Caulophyllum Thalictroides 30cBoiron30c 8.32
Cervical PillowAnabolicMedium, 105-200 lbs 74.00
Cervical PillowAnabolicLarge, over 200lbs, >16"c 74.00
Chamomile capsulesNature's Way60 capsules 13.48
Chaste Tree Berry ( Vitex )Vitanica60 capsules 18.90
Children's Basic Nutrients with Copper and IronThorne Research180 capsules 25.40
Chromium 5BodyBiod4 ounces 15.75
Cimicifuga racemosa 1MBoiron1M 11.06
Cimicifuga Racemosa 30cBoiron30c 8.32
Circulatory PizazzWise Woman2 ounces 25.40
Clear AirHealth Concerns90 tablets 25.90
Clear MindKahn Herbs120 tablets 37.18
ClearingHealth Concerns90 Tablets 25.90
Clinical OPCEuromedica60 49.90
Cod Liver oil - Pharmaceutical GradeInner Source Health1 bottle - 200mL 26.25
cod liver oil capsulesgenestra60 soft gels 29.75
Colocynthis 30cBoiron80 pellets 8.56
CortiguardNorth American Pharmacal60 Caps 19.95
Cortisol Manager Allergen FreeIntegrative Therapeutics90 vegetable capsules 70.00
Cough Syrup WetGaia Children4 ounces 40.99
Cramp Bark PlusHealth Concerns90 tablets 25.90
Creatine Powder (micronized) Pure Encapsulations250g 16.15
Moxa Stick, SmokelessChinese Herbals1 stick 4.00