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"I don't believe anything in life is coincidence, that is why I don't feel that my finding you is anything but a gift... I called you and set up an appointment for my son. At that time [he] was CONSTANTLY sick. Always on a nebeulizer, coughing, hives, never sleeping and very active. Since meeting you and learning from all you have to offer, Gianni is rarely sick, is markedly more attentive, and is just a different kid."

Source Cleanse DetoxInner Source Health is proud to introduce the Source Cleanse Detox, an individually designed 28 - day program to prepare, detox and rejuvenate your body. This detox is unlike any other, for this detox takes in to account your individual body, your metabolism and what is realistic for your schedule.... "Source Cleanse detox" is only for you. It is not a fast or deprivation detox – it is a nourishing detox, that supports your individual needs.

Why is detox important for you?

Food and environmental sources of toxins

The standard American diet (SAD) is high in fats, sugars, pesticides and hormones and low in vitamins, minerals and beneficial phyto-nutrients. Our environment and water supply are rife with chemical hazards: PCB’s, fertilizers, herbicides, as well as prescription and recreational drugs. This has resulted in a greater toxic buildup contributing to the development of allergies, autoimmune disease, degenerative disease, chronic illness and obesity.

Internal Sources of Toxins

Your body generates a daily supply of hormones, immune mediators and other byproducts of metabolism that are processed by the same mechanisms we use to detoxify.

How Does My Body Detoxify?

Research clearly shows that the body must be placed in a state of ‘rest and digest’ in order to properly detoxify. It is important that each person is guided on how to switch off ‘fight or flight’ mode, so the body knows when to gently let go of toxins.

The liver and kidneys eliminate the majority of waste products. When fully functioning, they are able to support energy levels, mental clarity, sleep, healthy skin, hormone balance and to lower inflammation.

Detoxification is the foundation to reaching your body's health goals. Participants have found that they needed fewer therapeutic interventions after completing the program. Source Cleanse Detox unlocks your optimal health potential by replenishing vital nutrients that are tailored to your individual needs.

The "Source Cleanse Detox"

Your "Source Cleanse Detox" will:

  • take into account your schedule to make it a realistic plan
  • take into account your medical needs
  • nourish your body, not deprive it
  • help lower stress and calm the spirit