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    Self-Criticism - article in the NY Times


    Self-criticism is at the core of much anxiety.

    A recent NY Times article entitled "Why You Should Stop Being So Hard on Yourself" does a very good job addressing the situation, to help bring consciousness to our beating ourselves up, over and over, which can contribute to long term anxiety, obsessiveness, panic disorder and will make worse any condition affected by stress.

    When we address the criticism we place on ourselves, we can start to remove a heavy burden that demands our energy and doesn't allow us to live to our potential.



    Review of Study: Naturopathic Medicine for Anxiety and Depression

    May 2017: Dr. Peter reviews an observational study, which corroborates two other past studies which suggests efficacy for naturopathic support with anxiety and depression.

    Overall, this study sends a signal to the clinical world of psychiatry to look beyond neurotransmitters and embrace a naturopathic and holistic approach.

    This study did not merely look at a single monotherapy (eg, St. John’s wort). Instead it involved a naturopathic-based paradigm, an important and welcome seminal step towards clinical acceptance of a systems-based and more functional approach to management of anxiety and depression.

    to read the full review, click below:



    A Patient Experience In Recovering Her Health

    I am a Dietitian Who Lost 60 Lbs. In 6 Months

    In today's online issue of Pyshcology Today, a patient of Dr. Kachko's shares her experience in regaining her health and working to maintain a healthy weight:

    "I went to Dr. Kachko two years after I graduated from college. By that time, I had lost a total of 80 lbs.—an additional 20 lbs. on top of the original 60 lbs. But I was trapped in a frustrating, anxiety-ridden cycle, usually feeling lousy, and existing on just 1,000 calories per day.

    Dr. Kachko is the one doctor I consulted who diagnosed that my body was metabolically impaired through metabolic testing. And he was specific, explaining that I had damage to my digestive system as well as major hormonal fluctuations (especially thyroid, adrenal, and blood sugar metabolism). Dr. Kachko also found that I had a tendency toward a subconscious fear-response. He noted that this, combined with long-term deficiencies in key nutrients, had led to my most troubling symptoms: intractable migraines, persistent nausea, and dizziness.

    So, rather than just treating symptoms directly, addressing my metabolic issues proved to be the only sustainable way for me to feel well.

    The first step on my journey was to gradually adopt a balanced diet of mostly fish, eggs, nuts, vegetables, lots of avocados, and fruit. Until then, I had been a strict vegan, but based on a metabolic impairment, Dr. Kachko opened up my mind to additional options."

    Read the article here


    ISH Newsletter 3-26-2017: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Supplement Quality, Tea for Weight loss video, Lotus Physical Therapy

    In This Issue:


    Half Day for Health and Detox - Saturday, April 1, 2017

    Mitochondrial Health for Nervous System and Mental Health

    Better Than A Statin? The Boston Heart Panel and Natural
    Remedies for Optimal Heart Health

    50 Ways to Love Your Liver


    Article - Naturopathic Medicine for Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Podcast - Supplements: Quality and Use for Mood Disorder

    Radio Interview - Natural Anxiety and Depression Treatments

    Video of Dr. Pina on Dr. Oz: How Tea Can Help You Lose Weight

    naturopathic legislation moving forward

    Meet Rachelle Bojer and Lotus Physical Therapy



    Telomere Length and Depression


    Telomeres are basically little caps at the end of your genetic material – sort of like the little covers (called aglets) on your sneaker laces. When the aglet breaks, your shoe string will fray into broken strands. Similarly, when a telomere breaks, your genetic material can start to fray and be subject to getting damaged, which can lead to mental conditions like depression and anxiety....

    ...learn how to keep them healthy by clicking below



    Supplements: Quality and Mood Disorder Use


    Dr. Peter Bongiorno was interviewed in October of 2016 after his lecture at the CRN conference in Dana Point, California.

    He discussed using supplements for Mood disorder, such as Anxiety and Depression. He also talked about supplement quality.



    Natural Treatment for Anxiety and Depression, Part 2

    November 22, 2016

    Dr. Ronald Hoffman, a leader in the integrative health care field since the 1980's, interviews Dr. Peter Bongiorno, author of "Put Anxiety Behind You: The Complete Drug-Free Program." What's the difference between fear and anxiety? What physiological reactions occur in the body when you're anxious? Is there a diet connection? What role does exercise play in ameliorating anxiety? Can acupuncture help mood? What key supplements combat anxiety? Are hormones involved? Is there ever a place for drug therapy?

    This is the second part of the interview.



    Natural Treatment for Anxiety and Depression, Part 1

    November 22, 2016

    Dr. Ronald Hoffman, a leader in the integrative health care field since the 1980's, interviews Dr. Peter Bongiorno, author of "Put Anxiety Behind You: The Complete Drug-Free Program." What's the difference between fear and anxiety? What physiological reactions occur in the body when you're anxious? Is there a diet connection? What role does exercise play in ameliorating anxiety? Can acupuncture help mood? What key supplements combat anxiety? Are hormones involved? Is there ever a place for drug therapy?



    Integrative Care for Mood and Neurotransmitter Balance and Neuroendocrine and Genetic Approach to Metabolic Control- two summary talks

    by Dr. Peter Bongiorno and Dr. Penny Kendall-Reed

    This is a summary for a webinar Drs. Bongiorno and Kendall-Reed gave to the functional medical doctor community in Dallas in April of 2016.

    This 43 minute video is a summary review of key points from their seminars.

    Dr. Bongiorno discusses the highlights of how to work with mood issues like anxiety and depression using lifestyle, dietary, and supplemental supports.

    Dr. Kendall-Reed focus her work on the Neuroendocrine and Genetic Approach to Metabolic Control where she discusses how to use both clinical symptoms as well as genetic testing to understand better how to supplement each individual to work on sleep issues, mood and weight concerns.

    This work was sponsored by Douglas Laboratories.



    Radio interview - Put Anxiety Behind You: The Complete Drug Free Program with Peter Bongirono, Naturopathic Doctor

    April 4, 2016

    Today, Ellen Goldsmith, L.Ac. speaks with Dr. Peter Bongiorno, director of Inner Source Health in New York City and author of a number of books on the naturopathic approach to treating depression and anxiety.

    According to National Institute of Mental Health, anxiety disorders affects over 40 million adult Americans and it is not uncommon for those people to also suffer from depression. Naturopathic doctor and licensed acupuncturist Peter Bongiorno has been researching natural approaches to anxiety for over 20 years and treating patients for a dozen.

    In his new book, Put Anxiety Behind You, Dr. Bongiorno offers his holistic approach to healing anxiety and avoiding relapse with a toolkit that includes: foods and plant-based medicines, anxiety reducing yoga poses, mind body modalities that you can learn and work with to reduce anxiety.



    Spice Your Mood - Saffron for Emotional Health

    01.10.2016 - by Dr. Peter Bongiorno

    Learn about the benefits of saffron for:

    - depression
    - anxiety
    - digestion
    - Alzheimer's
    - Sexual side of drugs

    Learn whether it can be used with conventional antidepressants

    Learn about Mood Systems Balance - Dr. Peter's new formula for mood support.



    Happy New Year - discounts, pink drums and events

    Jan 5, 2016 - Issue 58

    Happy New Year from Inner Source Health.

    in this edition:

    - discounts for visits and online!

    - pink drum set music riddle, can you guess?

    - events: liver health, anxiety book signing, brain health, depression, and much more



    Book Signing at Barnes and Noble with Dr. Peter

    Wed, January 13, 2016 at 7 PM - Barnes and Noble in Union Square

    Come visit with Dr. Peter Bongiorno as he reads from his new book "Put Anxiety Behind You: The Complete Drug Free Program.

    There will be discussion, time for questions, and a book signing too!

    where: Barnes and Noble, Union Square
    33 East 17th Street
    New York, NY 10003

    when: Wednesday, January 13, 2016 at 7 PM

    more information: call us at 631.421.1848 or

    Click for PDF Announcement Here


    Healing Anxiety and Depression - News interview


    Mary Mucci of News 12 in Long Island interviews 2 of Dr. Bongiorno's patients who recovered from mood disorders by working with his natural recommendations.. One patient suffered from significant obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), worrying and anxiety, and a second patient suffered from years of difficult anxiety and depression. Both patients were able to avoid using medications by working with a holistic plan.

    There is a second extended interview available here:



    Can Coffee Be Good for Anxiety?


    As the most well used psychoactive drug of all time, coffee is an interesting compound, with generally positive reviews regarding health and mood. Regarding overall health, studies show some wonderful health effects for coffee…. below to read full article



    Real Food Cleanse, Weight Loss, MTHFR and MORE

    Issue 58 - August 12, 2015

    In this issue:

    - the real food cleanse and 20% for inner source patients

    - new FREE lecture on weight loss in NYC

    - what's on the blog: MTHFR, intermittent fasting, exercise for anxiety and much more



    Holistic Solutions for Anxiety and Depression - book review in Psychotherapy Today

    July 2015

    "the book is a valuable resource for trained individuals who aim to gain knowledge in the field"



    Exercise Your Way Out of Anxiety and Depression?


    How can exercise help stress and your brain?



    The Microbiome, Gut Flora and Probiotics in anxiety and depression

    originally published March 13, 2015

    Click below to read Dr. Peter Bongiorno's article on how your gut flora and the right fermented foods and probiotics can help anxiety and depression…



    Multiple Vitamin For Anxiety?


    Can a multiple vitamin help you calm down and relax?

    Find out in doctor Peter's blog on Psychology Today



    Valerian for Insomnia, and Weaning Off Anti-Anxiety Medications

    Dr. Peter Bongiorno's latest blog talks about how this ancient herb can help fix the modern problems of insomnia, anxiety and anxiety drug withdrawal.

    More about Dr. Peter Bongiorno: here



    Which Diet Is Best for Your Best Mood?

    What diet supports the brain and can prevent and treat anxiety and depression?

    Find out with Dr. Peter Bongiorno's Psychology Today post.



    Why Repressed Emotions Affect Our Health


    Do our cells have embedded memory? Why is that important to know?

    Unquestionably, research has proven that every experience we have, has been imprinted into our cells. This occurs on every level and encompasses all the five senses. All this information is being logged into our bodies and stored in our cells. Our cells even “listen” to what we think. Our bodies respond to our thoughts. Be they positive and uplifting or negative and depressing.

    There is a saying, “Perception is Reality”. Your reaction to circumstances is based on your personal experiences and belief system. It is the way you see, feel, and express yourself in your life.

    So what does this have to do with our health and well being? Everything!!

    We all come from different walks of life. Some have had a very difficult childhood which could range from family trauma and abuse, to various debilitating health issues. Of course, experiencing trauma can come at any time of our life. Accidents, loss of loved ones, job loss. All these misfortunes affect our cells. Ultimately our health is compromised.

    How did we digest these occurrences, or did we? Perhaps consciously we didn’t and we just went into survival mode. This path takes us into the concept of repressed emotions and the toll it takes on our health in the years ahead.

    Candence Pert, (1944-2013), neuroscientist and pharmacologist, former Chief of the Section on Brain Biochemistry, Clinical Neuroscience Branch, at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), stated in her book Molecules of Emotions, “repressed emotions are stored in the body, the unconscious mind, via the release of neuropeptide ligands, and that memories are held in their receptors (i.e. emotions). The neuropeptides and receptors, the biochemicals of emotion are the messengers carrying information to link the major systems of the body into one unit called the body-mind.
    These chemicals in our body are the substrates of the emotions, and they are in constant communication with our immune system, the mechanism through which health and disease are created”.

    With more that 80 types of auto-immune diseases, the medical society is still wondering what causes them. Many have similar symptoms, which makes diagnosis difficult.

    Medications are helpful in treating certain symptoms, but the individual suffering needs to get to the source of the emotion to find out what may be repressed and causing their quality of life to deteriorate.

    Sondra Barrett, PhD, in her book Secrets of Your Cells, cites a study by psychologist James Pennebaker, in which he claims that when people hold back a painful or fearful story, the very experience of holding back is stressful, and their cells respond accordingly with symptoms of stress and anxiety. Once those thoughts have been released, there was a wave of relief, and their cells initiate the chemistry of peace.

    How To Take Control of Emotional Health

    There are effective ways one can take control of these emotional health issues holistically, since emotions are just one dimension of a greater whole. This is the body, mind, and spirit connection imperative to maintaining harmony and balance within.

    Integrating a supportive natural health care approach with your holistic healthcare practitioner will help you to maintain an emotionally balanced body-mind system. A custom tailored nutritional program will also give you a big boost in emotional stability and maintaining optimum energy levels.

    Speak positively to your cells. Remember. They’re listening!

    Bio: Donna L. Nesteruk is a Licensed Acupuncturist with National Diplomat NCCAOM Board Certification. Certified Instructor and Practitioner of Acutonics® Tuning Fork Therapy. Donna is advanced certified and specializes in Constitutional Facial Rejuvenation incorporating various modalities including acupuncture, non-invasive tuning forks, and facial cupping with jade stone gua sha. Donna is a Reiki Master, Certified in EFT, a Certified Drum Circle Facilitator, and Certified in Sound Healing, Vocal Toning, and is a member of the Sound Healers Association. If you are interested in more information, you can make an appointment with Donna in Huntington Long Island, or the NYC office by contacting her at (631) 848-8856 or e-mail:
    More about Donna here: here

    sculpture: Aristide Mallilol, Bronze, c. 1904, photo credit: P Bongiorno


    How Does Your Gut Flora Affect Your Mood?

    6 Steps You Can Take

    Psychology Today Blog 11-08-2014

    What do the germs in your digestive tract have to do with anxiety and depression?

    What can you do to help them thelp your mood?

    Click below and find out



    Chinese Herbs, Facial Rejuvenation and Anti-Aging, Cold Splash for Anxiety and Depression, ADHD, Heart Disease

    Issue 56 - July 2014

    What do Inner Source Health and Cleveland Clinic have in common? - by Cynthia Hewett LAc

    Facial Rejuvenation and the Anti-aging Process - by Donna Nesteruk LAc

    A Cold Splash in the Shower - How Can It Help Anxiety and Depression? - by Dr. Peter Bongiorno

    ADHD as An Immune and Digestive Disease? - by Dr. Anne Williams

    Naturopathic Care, Heart Disease and Health Care Costs - by Dr. Anne Williams

    Dr. Pina Interviewed by Bastyr University About Representing Natural Medicine in the Media