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Healing Depression
by Dr. Peter Bongiorno
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Herbal Antibiotic Alternatives
by Dr. Peter Bongiorno and
Dr. Pina LoGiudice
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A Patient Experience In Recovering Her Health

I am a Dietitian Who Lost 60 Lbs. In 6 Months

In today's online issue of Pyshcology Today, a patient of Dr. Kachko's shares her experience in regaining her health and working to maintain a healthy weight:

"I went to Dr. Kachko two years after I graduated from college. By that time, I had lost a total of 80 lbs.—an additional 20 lbs. on top of the original 60 lbs. But I was trapped in a frustrating, anxiety-ridden cycle, usually feeling lousy, and existing on just 1,000 calories per day.

Dr. Kachko is the one doctor I consulted who diagnosed that my body was metabolically impaired through metabolic testing. And he was specific, explaining that I had damage to my digestive system as well as major hormonal fluctuations (especially thyroid, adrenal, and blood sugar metabolism). Dr. Kachko also found that I had a tendency toward a subconscious fear-response. He noted that this, combined with long-term deficiencies in key nutrients, had led to my most troubling symptoms: intractable migraines, persistent nausea, and dizziness.

So, rather than just treating symptoms directly, addressing my metabolic issues proved to be the only sustainable way for me to feel well.

The first step on my journey was to gradually adopt a balanced diet of mostly fish, eggs, nuts, vegetables, lots of avocados, and fruit. Until then, I had been a strict vegan, but based on a metabolic impairment, Dr. Kachko opened up my mind to additional options."

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Mitochondria Check Up Questions

Use these questions to see if you have signs of mitochondrial dysfunction.

If you do, check in with your naturopathic doctor to find out how to heal your mitochondria.



4 Ways Naturopathic Medicine Can Help Ease Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain

10.12.16 Dr. Kachko's Article For EverdyDay Health

As a guest Columnist on, Dr. Kachko helps navigate some of the common causes of Rheumatoid Arthritis that you can address TODAY. Have any type of arthritis? Schedule a free consult with Dr. Kachko at the "Patient Information" link above.

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R U Inflamed? Dr. Peter Bongiorno interviewed at Dirt to Dinner


R U Inflamed? Dr. Peter Bongiorno interviewed on this "hot" topic where he connects digestion, fat tissue in our body and toxins: “fat tissue will create inflammation that uses up nutrients and makes it more challenging for your body to clear toxins. It also switches how cells grow and use energy. “




Sense & Sensitivity

8.2.16: Dr. Kachko was interviewed about food sensitivity

Dr. Kachko was interviewed by Natural Practitioner Magazine on the impact of food allergy and sensitivity on overall health:

"Additives and preservatives can certainly create intolerances. For example, said Robert Kachko ND, LAc of InnerSource Health, New York, people of all ages are beginning to react negatively to added hormones and elevated casein content of conventional dairy products. “We see this very often in children who are hyperactive or suffer from chronic ear infections, eczema, asthma etc., in addition to allergies. Some of the most common food additives which can serve as allergens include sulfites, aspartame, parabens, tartrazine, benzoates, nitrates/nitrites and BHT/BHA.”

Photo credit: Natural Practitioner Magazine

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Nutraceuticals for Adjunctive Depression Care

review by dr. peter bongiorno

Natural Medicine Journal August 2016 Vol. 8 Issue 8

Evidence suggests supplements are effective and safe when used in combination with antidepressants.

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"Alzheimer’s disease (AD) has the historically unique distinction of being the only common chronic disease with no known prevention or cure. This proposition becomes increasingly ominous when considering the rising tide of Alzheimer’s expected to impact North America and the rest of the world in the next several decades. In the United States, 5.3 million people currently have AD (making up 75-80% of all dementia cases), and that number is expected to climb to a medically and economically unsustainable 13.8 million people by 2050.1

The idea that AD is recalcitrant to all interventions is grounded in a belief that has been largely disproven within the last decade – that the nervous system is static and categorically unchangeable. The large cost and consistency of failed drug trials over the last several decades leads us to 1 central conclusion: Alzheimer’s disease is a multifactorial phenomenon which develops over several decades prior to the onset of symptoms and is, in large part, a result of lifestyle."

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Medicine Moves Toward A Merger

Dr. Kachko was interviewed on the future of healthcare

The healthcare field is moving toward full integration of all practitioner types, and Naturopathic Medicine and Acupuncture promise to be at the forefront of that progress. This article provides an update on where things currently stand, and Dr. Kachko was interviewed as an expert on the changing times.

Photo credit: Energy Times Magazine

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The Eyes Have it

Dr. Kachko was interviewed by Natural Practitioner Magazine

Dr. Kachko was recently interviewed by Natural Practitioner Magazine for their segment on eye health. If you have concerns about keeping your eyes healthy as you age, make sure to schedule a wellness visit!

...Dr. Kachko agreed, noting that the increased number of devise usage (multiple devices) keeps us more connected than ever and always “on.” Therefore, eyes rarely get a break. “This is especially dangerous when device usage is right before bed or first thing in the morning when our eyes haven’t yet adjusted to light. It’s important for our eyes to take in just the right amount of light, which is why our pupils constrict when entering a bright room. Having these devices around all of the time, very close to our faces, is a big risk. Especially because the main light emitted is blue on the wavelength spectrum, which increases the activity of active beta brain waves and reduces our own production of melatonin, the essential sleep hormone.”...

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Sleep In? Or Hit The Gym?

Dr. Kachko's featured article for Robert Irvine Magazine

Sleep: the great equalizer. It’s our proverbial “reset switch”. We quite literally can’t live without it, and yet societal pressures often force us to forego sufficient sleep in lieu of a perpetual need to accomplish more: make more money, have more friends, make more of ourselves. This desire to acquire comes at tremendous cost though: less long-term quality of life. The quantity and quality of sleep we get is connected to the dietary choices we make, and in a cyclical fashion those same dietary choices can impact how we sleep. Finding a way to break this cycle is a crucial step in regaining optimal health for those who get less-than-optimal rest.

Photo Credit: Robert Irvine Magazine

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