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Healing Depression
by Dr. Peter Bongiorno
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Herbal Antibiotic Alternatives
by Dr. Peter Bongiorno and
Dr. Pina LoGiudice
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A Natural Approach To Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Dr. Kachko's latest article on IBS

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New Article by Dr. Dawn Siglain

Get Rid of the Bloating Blues

Check out Dr. Dawn's new article about supporting optimal health with tips to fight bloating.




Genetics, Epigenetics and Breast Health by Dr. Dawn Siglain


Have you ever heard the phrase “genetics loads the gun, but the environment pulls the trigger”? As a Naturopathic Doctor, this resonates for me so much. Genetics truly is just a small piece of the overall picture when it comes to chronic illness and breast cancer. Environment in this context is referring to something called epigenetics. This includes the world we live in, but also the habitual choices we make that impacts our health. This is all the food, drinks, and medications we consume. It also takes into account our hobbies, exercise routine, support system and even mindset. All of these things considered, greatly affect whether those bad genes get turned on or stay off.

This is wonderful news! It means that we can feel empowered to make healthy choices to benefit our own wellness. It takes away the fear of disease. It reverses the idea that we are in a fight against cancer. Fight creates resistance and animosity towards our own cells.

One of the best ways we can support the cells in our body is to nourish them properly. The most anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer diet that you can incorporate into your life is plant-based. Mother nature provides us with all of the delicious tools we need to survive. Eating wholesome and organic veggies provides us with just the right amount of carbs, proteins, and fats aka macronutrients that our cells need to maintain optimal health. Maintain, not grow – this is a huge difference. Don’t confuse good macronutrients with bad macronutrients. As infants we need breast milk to grow – that is all the dairy we need. But there are foods that people eat regularly that causes cells to grow because they are full of growth hormones with meat and dairy being two major culprits. They rob us of our wellness. Eating a high protein diet is the last thing our bodies need - especially when preventing or reversing cancer. Simply put, the foods that cause our cells to grow when we do not need growth can cause bad genes to turn on and cause cancer cells to proliferate.

Preventative medicine can help. There are warning signs when it comes to health moving in the wrong direction. Using both western and eastern medicine, I can assess the person as a whole and make recommendations that can guide one back towards vitality. I urge you to be pro-active about your health. If you feel unwell, find a doctor who understands root cause medicine so you can make the beneficial choices for your own wellness. Remember this approach to medicine is specific to you and gives you the best chance that the trigger never gets pulled.

If you’re interested in learning more about anti-inflammatory choices reach out by calling 631.421.1848 or emailing for a FREE 10 min consult with Dr. Dawn to see how naturopathic medicine can get your health on the wellness path!




Genetics, Epigenetics & Breast Health

Did you know that we have the ability to keep bad genes turned off in our body? Just because we have a genetic disposition does not mean that it is our fate. We have more control over our health than we may think - check out Dr. Dawn's article to learn more!




Immunity and the Mind

9-18-2020 on Psychology Today

what can both help your immune system and your mood?




Shedding Light on Eye Health
By Dr. Dawn Siglain ND, LAc

There has been quite a buzz about masks to cover our nose and mouth lately, but what about protection for our precious eyes?

May is Healthy Vision Month, so let’s take some time to care for our dear eyes. Ever wonder how to get that sparkle in your eye? Our eyes radiate from our hearts and souls which exudes our vibe out to the world. Let’s send out good vibes!

When it comes to eye health, preventative care is key. Naturopathic medicine treats the root cause of disease. As a Naturopathic Doctor, I have to uncover the cause of a patient’s discomfort.

There are four cranial nerves involved with the wellness of our eyes. A cranial nerve disorder can affect vision, movement of the eye and sensation of the eye. Symptoms can include blindness, double vision, or paralysis of eye or eyelid (such as drooping of the upper eyelid which interferes with vision). The optic nerve connects the eye to the brain and there is a particularly important part of the eye that is located near the optic nerve that I’d like to bring to your attention. The retina is an extension of the brain. It’s a nerve layer lining the back portion of the eye which receives light to convert into neural signals and then creates impulses to communicate with the brain. This is how we can interpret images.

The health of our retina is important as it directly correlates with brain functioning. Chronic conditions and poor habits take a toll on the health of our eyes. Making good choices early in life create beneficial habits. Healthy lifestyle choices really do matter. Nutrients for eye health include lutein, zeaxanthin, and carotenoids. Wearing good quality sunglasses year round are also proactive and especially to be considered for children. The lens of youngsters filter out less UV A & B rays which means the rays penetrate their retina easier and may lead to a chronic eye condition later in life.

Once quarantine is lifted, consider getting your eyes checked. Comprehensive regular eye exams are encouraged by AOA ( American Optometric Association) and make sure you ask for retinal imaging as it can detect signs of neurodegenerative disease before cognitive impairment sets in. This is crucial as early intervention is key in slowing disease development with Alzheimers. Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography (OCT-A) is a great tool in detecting ocular and systemic diseases early on. It’s non-invasive retinal imaging which can help to detect diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and arterial and vein occlusions.

Protect your eyes all the time. Join Dr. Dawn’s webinar this Thursday 5/21 at 4 pm to learn more!



'DAILY DETOX' with Dr. Dawn Siglain

Thursday May 7th at 4 pm

‘Daily Detox’
by Dr. Dawn Siglain ND, LAc.

There are many things that you can start doing to flush out toxins. These daily habits should eventually become your lifestyle. We live in a world where toxins are in our water, food, and air we breathe. Instead of feeling defeated, take charge of your health today!

It’s important to consider detoxing daily as a lifestyle change. I encourage adding in good habits to support healthy detoxification. By committing to healthy habits, you are gently coursing toxins out of your liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system. The benefits of detoxing include increased energy, improved sleep, proper immunity, decreased brain fog, clear skin, bright eyes, shiny hair, fresh breath, weight loss and optimal organ function.

Hydrate! Drink half of your body weight in ounces of filtered water. For constipation, add a lemon squeeze to a cup of warm water first thing in the morning. You want to keep things moving. Beets promote healthy blood flow in vessels. Eat a cup of dark leafy greens a day to cleanse your liver. Sulfur compounds found in garlic and onions also support the liver. Fermented foods and fiber support your gut health.

Think about how you treat your body. Everything you put on your body, you would want to put in your body. Moisturize with organic coconut oil or EVOO. Movement of muscles moves the lymph which promotes drainage. Sweating releases toxins which takes a burden off of your kidneys. If exercising is an issue, consider vibrational therapy and IR saunas. Other techniques to support drainage of toxins are dry brushing before each shower, coconut oil pulling first thing in the morning, and Epsom salt baths.

Join Dr. Dawn’s webinar Thursday 5/7/20 at 4pm to learn more.




Stress and Gut Health with Dr. Dawn

Thursday April 30 at 12:30pm

Are you experiencing stress overload? Noticing any digestive upset too? Maybe there’s a connection with both your stress load and your gut health.

Understanding the root cause of any dysfunction in the body is important now more than ever. This is exactly what type of care naturopathic doctors provide for our patients. Learn about the impact your digestive health has on your overall immune system. Optimizing your microbiome plays a major role in overall wellness.

Dr. Dawn will share insight about your parasympathetic nervous system and the direct connection to your stress response and gut health. Get tips on ways to relieve digestive discomfort using nutrition and food preparation guidelines, healthy lifestyle habits and proper supplementation.




Telehealth & Naturopathic Care

Thursday April 23 at 12:30 pm

‘Telehealth & Naturopathic Care’
By Dr. Dawn Siglain ND, LAc.

Naturopathic medicine has remained a constant during this time. As naturopathic doctors, we know that the cure from any dis-ease comes from nature - hence, ‘Nature Cure’. What we need, mother nature has provided for us. The thing is, we may need to search for it or be guided in the right direction. Identifying the root cause of imbalance is crucial to the healing process. This is where naturopathic medicine shines!

The underlying cause of what is ailing a person is the key component in finding relief.
In doing so, provides answers for one’s optimal wellness. Health recommendation plans start first and foremost with nutrition advice including lots of healthy options to eat plus eliminating the culprits that have been adding fuel to the fire. Healthy habits to create a balanced lifestyle and proper supplementation are necessary as well to bring the body back to homeostasis. Our mind/body connection is powerful. Daily Affirmations are a tool I use to incorporate into my health plans. It empowers patients every day during their wellness journey.

The silver lining during this time, is that we are still able to help our patients with Telehealth. Using video conferencing and phone calls, we can connect with our current patients and even take on new patients. Naturopathic medicine is needed now more than ever as preventative care or for many acute and chronic conditions. Explore your options with this upcoming webinar and take charge of your own health!




Can Chinese Medicine be the answer to my sleeping issue?

New article by Dr. Dawn

Can Chinese Medicine be the answer to my sleeping issue?
By Dr. Dawn Siglain ND, LAc.

When it comes to optimizing your health, getting proper sleep is key. Why? Because during a night of quality deep sleep is when the brain is able to detox. That’s right - you are extremely productive in your most relaxed state. So, if you have ever had a poor night’s rest, then you know exactly what it feels like when your brain did not properly detox.

The Glymphatic System assists the brain in this very necessary process of detoxing as well as proper distribution of other compounds such as glucose, lipids, amino acids, and neurotransmitters. It clears waste during deep sleep and is suppressed while awake. An ebb and flow motion of cerebrospinal fluid into and throughout the brain tissue is what promotes clearance of interstitial fluid via drainage pathways. This pumping action goes into effect once we are in a deep sleep and allows for detoxing to occur. Accumulations anywhere within our body can cause imbalance. For optimal health, creating proper flow- especially in our brain- should be a top priority.

When it comes to creating homeostasis within our body, acupuncture reigns supreme. This is because acupuncture nails it when it comes to optimal flow of blood and qi. Qi is the universal energy that flows within each one of us. We all strive for good qi. Even one solitary acupuncture treatment can create this peaceful state of balance. I see it all the time in my practice. It activates our parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) which is our rest and digest system. Being in this relaxed state allows us to thrive as humans. Ultimately, we want to tap into our PNS as often as possible. It is especially important to enact this when drifting off to sleep.

If you do not feel rested upon waking, you need to find out why. There are so many questions to ask about the topic of sleep. This is where naturopathic medicine shines because it gets to the root cause of your dis-ease. Combining naturopathic medicine and acupuncture is extremely effective when it comes to problems with sleep. By doing a thorough medical intake and taking into consideration digestive health, emotional walls, stress response, night sweats plus so much more - I am able to understand my patients to create an individualized health plan. Naturopathic doctors and acupuncturists need all of these details to help you.

One of my favorite tools when using Chinese medicine to improve any sleep disturbance is the Chinese clock. Qi moves through our organs in a 24 hour cycle. Every two hours, qi is strongest in a particular organ. The three main organs that are affected include the gallbladder, liver and lung. I am sure you have heard that it’s important to fall asleep around 10:30 pm. From a Chinese medicine perspective, the reason behind this is because by 11 pm, the gallbladder has heightened qi activity. The gallbladder is intimately connected to the liver, so there is a connection with our ability to detox and process emotions. The gallbladder is responsible for our decision making. This explains why after a good night’s sleep, obstacles from the day before may seem a bit more manageable with clarity of thought. The liver is affected from 1-3 am. The liver is in control of our emotions and when it is out of balance, anger ensues. If you are waking during this time, there could be some unresolved anger or perhaps you consumed some alcohol the previous night. The emotion of our lungs is grief and they are affected from 3-5 am. If you are experiencing loss of any kind such as a loved one or a major life change - this could be the reason for waking at that time. Dealing with your emotions can help your body and mind to relax during sleep. Chinese medicine understands the mind/body connection.

Using both western and eastern medicine is a gentle and effective way in approaching a sleep disorder. We need quality sleep at night to feel our best each and every day. Proper sleep helps us to handle stress better which is a huge benefit. Join me in my upcoming webinar to learn more about my approach to improving sleep. I’ll be talking about other factors such as proper testing, bedtime hygiene, effects of wifi, daily detox and stress.

If you’re curious how acupuncture can help you, reach out to Dr. Dawn for a FREE 10 minute consult. or call 631.421.1848




Genetics and Fibromyalgia

Dr. Kachko discusses the genetics of pain

by Dr. Robert Kachko

Fibromyalgia (FM) is a pain syndrome that can manifest very differently for different people. Chronic pain, joint stiffness, muscle tightness, brain fog, sleep challenges and depression are just a few of the common concerns for people dealing with FM. I’ve written about the role of lifestyle in helping to reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia In other articles on this website. It is helpful, though, to explore the role that genetics may play in fibromyalgia.

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