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Healing Depression
by Dr. Peter Bongiorno
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Herbal Antibiotic Alternatives
by Dr. Peter Bongiorno and
Dr. Pina LoGiudice
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FLU: Natural Remedies That Work

reprint from 2009 blog

1 - Observe the recommendations to WASH HANDS thoroughly. Use warm water.

2 - DO NOT TOUCH FACE and NOSE to avoid spreading virus to your mouth, eyes or respiratory system.

3 - Take your FISH OIL – fish oil is known to balance an over-inflammed immune system, and may be helpful to lower the overall cytokine cascade. Cod liver oil may be the best choice for it has extra D and A. Vitamin A helps protect respiratory passages and is anti-viral itself.

4 - VITAMIN D, VITAMIN C, ZINC – may be useful. According to Johnathan Wright MD, vitamin C and D may be a more potent anti-viral choice than even medications. Zinc is an anti-viral mineral that has inhibited viral replication in research.

5 - STRESS REDUCTION helps to lower our stress hormones and balance our immune function to help properly deal with any virus.

6 - Get plenty of SLEEP – sleep is another important immune balancer which has been shown, when 7 hour or more, to help fight virus by 300% over people who do not get 7hours of sleep

7 - AVOID SUGAR – which can lower your immunity and allow easier catching of any virus.

8 - Consider regular NASAL WASHES – if the virus is typically transmitted into the upper respiratory tract, clearing that area may help lower the load that enters our system.

9 - AVOID INFLAMMATORY FOODS – foods like milk and dairy, wheat for some people, and any food you know you are sensitive too. Excess inflammation in your body may contribute to more of an inflammatory cascade than is healthy.

10 - EAT ANTI VIRAL FOODS: garlic, onions, berries, green tea.

11 - There are a few ANTI-VIRAL HERBS worth considering. Licorice, PauD’Arco and Lemon Balm. These have a history of being helpful with flu and colds. There is no research using these in this swine flu period in place of conventional medications and we are not suggesting forgoing conventional medicines.

12 - EXERCISE – helps move your lymph tissue and blood in your body, which is needed to keep your immune surveillance at its best.

From a naturopathic perspective, we may need to address the underlying causes of these viral illnesses.



The Wonder of Plants by Dr. Victoria A. Liotta

June 12, 2019

Victoria A. Liotta, Doctor of Acupuncture discusses how plants help us detox our homes and ourselves.




Carpal Tunnel - TRUE or FALSE? by Dr. Victoria Liotta


How do you know if you have carpal tunnel, and what are your options?

Dr. Victoria Liotta, doctor of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, will explain the basics to understand carpal tunnel and related concerns, and help you make the best choices to heal.




DAILY DETOX TIPS by Dr. Dawn Siglain

March 25, 2019

Add in the good to naturally weed out the bad.

Read here for more healthy habits you can start today!




Your Labs Are Normal but you STILL do not feel good? by Dr. Dawn Siglain

March 26, 2019

Want answers to your health questions? Naturopathic Doctors assess labs with a preventative eye - see how this can help you to feel your best!

CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE in Natural Awakenings Magazine



Parkinson's Disease- Natural Treatments

About 65,000 people in the U.S. are given a Parkinson's Disease diagnosis each year. Men are almost twice as likely as women to have this condition and around 5% of these patients are diagnosed before age 50 (like Michael J. Fox, who is the most famous of these people).

Dr. Peter Bongiorno wrote a textbook chapter about the subject where he discusses diagnosis, pathology and natural treatments for this challenging condition.




CBD oil for Mental Health?

11-02-2018 - PUBLISHED BY NDNR

Dr. Peter Bongiorno's academic review on CBD oil published by Naturopathic Doctor's News and Reviews




Chronic Pain: You're Not Alone

Introducing the Reframing Pain Program

Dealing with chronic pain is a tremendous (and all too common) challenge. Doing so alone is even more difficult. Research shows that a comprehensive approach that considers multiple components of wellness is essential to a pain-free life. At InnerSource Health, we're committed to providing you with the latest information that you need for any health concern. That's why we've designed the Reframing Pain Program to help you navigate life with chronic pain.

The good news is that it works:

A “psychosocial” approach to chronic pain that takes you and your personal needs into account in addition to your physical condition is essential

Self-management helps people dealing with chronic pain to have a better mood

Mindfulness meditation can reduce pain

The right types of safe physical activity can reduce pain

An anti-inflammatory diet can reduce pain if combined with a comprehensive lifestyle change

Click here read the research and take charge of your pain



Download Your Copy of Dr. Pina's Three Day Detox Plan


In the summer, you want to look your best (and…. swim suits are really not the most forgiving ? ).

Dr. Pina has a plan for you.

She explains to Dr. Oz how to naturally reduce the bloat, decrease the flab, and get your body healthy at the same time.

Now, you won't lose all the weight you may want in three days, but, you will lower inflammation, minimize the bloat, and start the process to help you move into the shape you have always wanted.

Download below :)




Mitochondria Check Up Questions

Use these questions to see if you have signs of mitochondrial dysfunction.

If you do, check in with your naturopathic doctor to find out how to heal your mitochondria.



A Patient Experience In Recovering Her Health

I am a Dietitian Who Lost 60 Lbs. In 6 Months

In today's online issue of Pyshcology Today, a patient of Dr. Kachko's shares her experience in regaining her health and working to maintain a healthy weight:

"I went to Dr. Kachko two years after I graduated from college. By that time, I had lost a total of 80 lbs.—an additional 20 lbs. on top of the original 60 lbs. But I was trapped in a frustrating, anxiety-ridden cycle, usually feeling lousy, and existing on just 1,000 calories per day.

Dr. Kachko is the one doctor I consulted who diagnosed that my body was metabolically impaired through metabolic testing. And he was specific, explaining that I had damage to my digestive system as well as major hormonal fluctuations (especially thyroid, adrenal, and blood sugar metabolism). Dr. Kachko also found that I had a tendency toward a subconscious fear-response. He noted that this, combined with long-term deficiencies in key nutrients, had led to my most troubling symptoms: intractable migraines, persistent nausea, and dizziness.

So, rather than just treating symptoms directly, addressing my metabolic issues proved to be the only sustainable way for me to feel well.

The first step on my journey was to gradually adopt a balanced diet of mostly fish, eggs, nuts, vegetables, lots of avocados, and fruit. Until then, I had been a strict vegan, but based on a metabolic impairment, Dr. Kachko opened up my mind to additional options."

Read the article here