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Dr. Kachko Interviewed via Podcast

Topics: His practice as InnerSource, Naturopathic Medicine, and Social Determinants in health

Check out this podcast with our very own Dr. Kachko being interviewed about his practice, Naturopathic Medicine, and the role of social determinants of health. If you have any friends or family who have been curious to learn more about what we do at InnerSource Health or about Naturopathic Medicine, this is a great introduction! Dr. Kachko also discusses the role of social isolation on health outcomes and his new venture, TribeRx.

Listen to the podcast here!


60 Pound Weight Loss, Teatoxing, Better Than Statins?, much more


In this issue:

- story of Dr. Robert Kachko's patient (who was a dietician herself) and lost 60 Pounds

- Teatoxing - Dr. Pina on a new Dr. Oz

- event: Better Than Statins?

- event: 3 Steps to Your Power

- event: 50 Ways to Love Your Liver


Healthy Gut Thinner You, Victoria Liotta Joins ISH, events


ISH newsletter 4.14.2017:

Healthy Gut Thinner you Summitt

Victoria Liotta, LAc, LMT Joins ISH Huntington

Better Than Statins?

50 Ways to Love Your Liver

Pictures from A4M and Mitochondrial Health



ISH Newsletter 3-26-2017: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Supplement Quality, Tea for Weight loss video, Lotus Physical Therapy

In This Issue:


Half Day for Health and Detox - Saturday, April 1, 2017

Mitochondrial Health for Nervous System and Mental Health

Better Than A Statin? The Boston Heart Panel and Natural
Remedies for Optimal Heart Health

50 Ways to Love Your Liver


Article - Naturopathic Medicine for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Podcast - Supplements: Quality and Use for Mood Disorder

Radio Interview - Natural Anxiety and Depression Treatments

Video of Dr. Pina on Dr. Oz: How Tea Can Help You Lose Weight

naturopathic legislation moving forward

Meet Rachelle Bojer and Lotus Physical Therapy



Happy New Year - discounts, pink drums and events

Jan 5, 2016 - Issue 58

Happy New Year from Inner Source Health.

in this edition:

- discounts for visits and online!

- pink drum set music riddle, can you guess?

- events: liver health, anxiety book signing, brain health, depression, and much more



Real Food Cleanse, Weight Loss, MTHFR and MORE

Issue 58 - August 12, 2015

In this issue:

- the real food cleanse and 20% for inner source patients

- new FREE lecture on weight loss in NYC

- what's on the blog: MTHFR, intermittent fasting, exercise for anxiety and much more



Nuts for Health, Menopause, Pregnancy Prep, Robin Williams, Coffee, Probiotics for Sniffles

Issue 57 - September 2014

Video -

Nut Consumption and Your Best Health - Dr. Peter interviewed on News12

Natural Menopause Relief - Dr. Pina on the Katie Couric Show

Blogs -

Probiotics for Preventing the Sniffles, Preparing for Cold and Flu Season - by Dr. Anne Williams

Pregnancy Preparation - By Siobhan Hanlon ND

Robin Williams Loss and Holistic Care for Depression - Psychology Today Blog by Dr. Peter

Simple Steps for Back-To-School Preparation, Routine - by Dr. Anne Williams

Interviews -

Coffee Good or Bad? - Dr. Peter Bongiorno interviewed by Natural

Let's Play -

What Is Sophia Eating???



Chinese Herbs, Facial Rejuvenation and Anti-Aging, Cold Splash for Anxiety and Depression, ADHD, Heart Disease

Issue 56 - July 2014

What do Inner Source Health and Cleveland Clinic have in common? - by Cynthia Hewett LAc

Facial Rejuvenation and the Anti-aging Process - by Donna Nesteruk LAc

A Cold Splash in the Shower - How Can It Help Anxiety and Depression? - by Dr. Peter Bongiorno

ADHD as An Immune and Digestive Disease? - by Dr. Anne Williams

Naturopathic Care, Heart Disease and Health Care Costs - by Dr. Anne Williams

Dr. Pina Interviewed by Bastyr University About Representing Natural Medicine in the Media


Medicinal Mushrooms, Medical Marijuana, Menopause, Chinese Herbs, Pelvic Floor Diastasis,

Issue 55 - May 1, 2014

Dr. Pina on the Dr. Oz Show - Medicinal Mushrooms

Dr. Anne on FOX's Hannity - Medical Marijuana

Menopause? - Naturopathic medicine and acupuncture

Dr. Pina on Dr. Oz - Chinese Herbal Medicines

Pelvic Floor Diastasis - Rachelle Bojer LMT on News12 Long Island Naturally

Dr. Peter Radio Interview - Depression, with Ronald Hoffman

Dr. Pina on Dr. Couric - Where medicine is going?

- Flavonoids Reduce Thyroid
- Ways to Help the Metal Taste from Chemothearpy

- Fertility and Embryo Quality Using Acupuncture - by Dr. Anne Williams
- Facil Rejuvenation and the Anti-Aging Process - by Donna Nesteruk, LAc



Liver and Spring Health, Leaky Gut and Mood, Pina on Dr. Oz again, Free Events

Issue # 54 - April 11, 2014

April 2014 Healthletter at a glance:

- Dr. Pina shoots a new Dr. Oz show
- Leaky Gut and Mood
- Pau D'Arco and Heart Health

- Facial Rejuvenation
- Heart Health
- Breast Cancer
- Low Back Pain

- Cruciferous Vegetables Inflammation Reducer
- obesity and carbs



Insomnia, A2 Milk, Fukushima Radiation and Flame Retardant Wool

Issue 53 - March 7, 2014

In this issue:


The Difference between A1 and A2 Milk

Fukushima Radiation in Your Food

Flame Retardant Wool

plus, tons of new healthy events and lectures



Heart Month - Insulin and High Blood Pressure

Issue 52 - Febraury 7, 2014

In this Issue:

- Insulin and Diabetes

- Fish Oil Prevents Diabetes by 33%

new research:
- Wet wipes to blame for your baby's rash?
- Vitamin D in seniors is associated with fewer falls
- Melatonin for weight loss?

new events galore:
- 02.05.14 Cardiovascular Disease and Natural Health
- 02.08.14 Dr. Siobhan lecturing at the Strength For Life Wellness Cancer Retreat.
- 02/12/14 Our Gastrointestinal Health: It's a Gut Feeling.
- 02/14-16th Naturopathic Medicine for Mood Disorder with Cancer
- 2/20/14 Food and Your Genetics
- 2/28/14 - Harmony with springtime for Best Health



Healthletter 1-2014: child's immune health, emotions and winter, ashwaganda for anxiety

Issue 51 - January 9, 2014

Healthletter Issue 51 - January 9, 2014

child's immune health
emotions and winter
ashwaganda for anxiety

Photoalbum of Drs. Pina and Peter at Barron's Financial Advisor Summit

New Research in:
- Depression and Zinc
- Alzheimers' and Vitamin E
- Heart Disease and the Mediterranean Diet



Holiday Parties in NYC and Huntington, blood sugar monster in you?,

Issue 50

December 6, 2013

Holiday Parties: NYC and Huntington

Read Dr Peter's article in Psychology Today:
Is There A Blood Sugar Monster Lurking Within You?

- natural diabetes support 12-10-13
- quit smoking 12-12-13
- your liver and your health 1-14-14
- cardiovascular disease: natural supports 2-05-14

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Emotions and the Season of Autumn, Dr. Peter on TV and Radio

ISH Issue # 49

November 11, 2013

Emotions and the Season of Autumn

Check out Dr. Peter's rather short interview on FOX's Carol Alt show

Dr. Peter talks depression on the Dr. Pat radio show

Upcoming Events:
- 11.12.13 Managing Pain
- 11.13.13 Preparing For The Cold
- 11.13.13 Cancer: Natural Methods for Prevention and Treatment
- 11.16-11.17. 2013: Depression and Fibromyalgia: Common Underlying Mechanisms and Treatments

Host a Holiday Prevention Party



Colds and Flu Prevention, Naturopathic Medicine Week,

Issue #48

October 7, 2013

Welcome to issue # 48:

1 - Tips for Cold and Flu Prevention

2 - Congress Declares Naturopathic Medicine Week

3 - Prevention Party - get hip and healthy now

4 - Dr. Pina talks homeopathy on Dr. Oz

5 - Drs. Peter and Pina discuss Medicinal Foods on Rainmaker TV

events galore:
- NYC Open House
- flu
- sleep
- migraine
- depression
- preparing for the cold
- fibromyalgia



Healing Hugs, Fish oil and Prostate Cancer, Sun Tea and Much More

Issue #46

August 2013 Newletter

All this in issue# 46:

Healing Benefits of A Hug

Sun Tea Recipe for Summer

Does Fish Intake and Taking Fish Oil Supplements Cause Prostate Cancer?

Belly Breathing, Hot Flashes and Individuality

Herbal contamination and supplement quality?

How can Chinese Medicine balance emotions?

plus... lots of upcoming events....



Inner Source Detox and Upcoming Events

January 2013

Inner Source Health is excited to introduce their new Detox program. Make Mine Detox is a 28 day gentle cleanse of the body designed specifically for you.

Many symptoms we experience in our daily lives are due to toxic overload. The liver becomes overburdened with the daily struggle to eliminate the harmful substances we are exposed to. When this occurs we begin to notice symptoms of fatigue, headaches, allergies, constipation, joint pain, poor concentration, irritability, skin and hair changes.

Make Mine Detox supports the liver and kidneys in their ability to neutralize and eliminate toxins. When we remove this heavy burden we can see weight loss, increased concentration, anti-aging effects and a decrease in the severity of many diseases.

Make Mine Detox is structured to be individualized. We will address your needs and teach you which foods will benefit your body and increase metabolism. You will be given easy to follow instructions and additional detox tips to enhance your experience.



Health Letter: November 30, 2012: Pancakes and Coconut Oil

issue #39


Valuable ways to contribute to help those suffering from Sandy

Dr. Pina's coconut oil pancake recipe which is featured on the new Dr. Oz Show

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Healthletter: Oct 30, 2012 - Acutonics, Lychee, ADHD, more Oz

Volume 37 - October 30, 2012

In this issue:

- Donna Nesteruk LAc on News12 for Acutonics

- ADHD article by Dr. Siobhan Bleakney

- Sophia eats a Lychee fruit

- Dr. Pina's 12th Dr. Oz appearance today!

- creatine helps your antidepressant

- George McGovern tries to get America off sugar

.... and more

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Healthletter Sept 2012: Natural Cancer Care, Seasonal Allergies, Tumeric for Diabetes, Statins Bringing You Down?

Issue 36, September 2012

This months healthletter includes:

- latest events

- seasonal allergies

- statin medications and low mood

- tumeric for diabetes

- Dr. Peter's latest video on natural medicine for cancer

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ISSUE #35: What is Your Dosha?, Dr. Siobhan, Pina's Dr. Oz Video on Natural Alternatives to Drugs


In this issue:

- learn about the benefits of Ayurvedic medicine

- learn about Dr. Siobhan Bleakney, our newest associate in the Long Island office

- see Dr. Pina's June 2012 appearance on the Dr. Oz Show discussing natural alternatives to prescription medications for Insomnia, Hypertension, Anxiety and Thyroid Problems

- Can You Follow Your Dreams and Still Make It in this World?

- Why Is Grass-Fed So Important for your meat choices?

- Sleep Medications vs. Getting A Stroke: which is worse

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Special Edition: ND Licensing Update in New York and Special Events

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Support licensing ND in New York State. Learn how...

Dr. Pina scheduled to be on TV for her 10th show on Dr. Oz

New events and lectures

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Vishal Joins InnerSource, Dr. Pina Talks Teas for Mood, Soy, Stress and your Genes

Issue #33 - May 2012

- Learn about Vishal Verma MS, LAc, master acupuncturist, ayurvedic practitioner and Eastern medicine specialist

- See Dr. Pina's newest Dr. Oz show video where she talks about teas for anxiety and poor mood

- Is soy good or bad for you?

- learn why stressed out kids are much more susceptible to disease as adults

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Sleepy Foods (with dr. Oz), Carpal Tunnel, Your Brain on Rosemary

issue 32 - Feb-March 2012

In this issue:

-Dr. Pina explains foods for best sleep on Dr. Oz

- Natural Wrist Wremedies for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

- Rosemary: sniff some for good thinking power

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more news videos too

Issue 31 - 01-26-2012

In this Issue:

- Aging Miracles in a Bottle: Dr. Pina's 6th appearance on the Dr. Oz Show

- Histamine in Food: Are You Allergic? - FOX news Video

- Fertility Boosting - FOX news Video

- How to Eat a Pomegranate - Young Sophia teaches us How

- Truffle Oil Popcorn - yummy

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December 2011 Newsletter: Depression Oz Article, Flu Revisited, Exhaustion,

Issue 30 - 12-04-2011

In this Issue:

- Article from Dr. Pina's December appearance on Dr. Oz, talking about natural antidepressant medicines
- Sleep, Exhaustion and Disease
- Thanksgiving: Healthy and unhealthy
- Flu Revisited



Thanksgiving Gratitude, Health Benefits, and One Weighty Drawback

happy thanksgiving from innersource health

Issue 29 - 11.24.2011

In this holiday issue Drs. Peter and Pina discuss the health benefits of gratitude, sitting down for a meal, hugging, healthful whole foods, and, the dangers of Thanksgiving weight gain too.

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Wheat Germ, Dr. Pina on Dr. Oz (again), Herbs for Menopause, Whole Foods Parkin' Lot, your Brain on TV, Bottle Feeding and Obesity

Newsletter October 2011, Volume 28

In this issue:

- Dr. Pina's Hattrick of OZ: June 2011, August 2011 and October 2011 appearances
- Dr. Pina's appearance on FOX news talking herbs for menopause
- Funny video: "it's gettin' real in the whole foods parkin' lot"
- 3rd hand smoke -- just as bad?
- Dr. PIna's Chimi-churri sauce is delicious
- Bottling Feeding's Link to Obesity

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Lingonberry Benefits for Diabetes, Heart and More

dr. pina appears on the dr. Oz show october 2011

learn about the new berry in town

10.04.2011: Dr. Pina appears on Dr. OZ Wed, October 5th, 2011 and teaches Dr. Oz about the benefits of lingonberry. Read her new article on this fantastic berry and how it can help many conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure, inflammatory problems, and more....

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Aug ཇ Newsletter: Organics TV interview with drs. Pina and Peter, anxiety medication risk

August 18, 2011

issue 26

Happy August - the glorious dog days of summer. In this issue:

- Dr. Peter and Dr. Pina together on FOX NEWS spreading the good word of Organic Foods
- Why you need to LOSE YOUR COWS
- Anxiety Medications: worth the risk?
upcoming lectures: cancer and natural medicine, Naturopathic medicine

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Dr. Pina on Oz (link), Folic Acid, Cradle Cap, Cell Phones and Cancer

July 4, 2011

issue 25

In this issue

- Link to the Dr. Pina interview on Dr. Oz

- Natural remedies for Cradle Cap

- Folic Acid when antidepressant drugs do not work

- Cell Phones and Cancer: what is the evidence?

- Dr. Peter's favorite 4th of July movie: 1776

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Dr. Pina interviewed on Dr. Oz Show, Kidney Stones, Andrographis for Sinus and Respiratory

april - june 2011 newsletter

issue 24

In this issue:

- Dr. Pina appears on Dr. Oz Show: invitation to viewing date and event June 10, 2011 - 3:30PM, where Dr. Pina explains to Dr. Oz, and the nation, how to use naturopathic botanical therapies to avoid antibiotic use

- Andrographis to fight sinus infection and upper respiratory illness

- Dr. Peter gives expert advice for Kidney Stones on

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feb -mar 2011 newsletter
issue 23

In this issue:

- fiber for longer life
- ear infections: Dr. Pina on News12 Long Island
- agave - good or bad?

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january 2011 newsletter

issue 22

In this issue:

- New Year - New You DETOX
- menopause: natural choices
- pregnant mom toxic load
- 7-keto for weight loss
- coffee: good or bad?

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December: Holiday Party - Issue 21

In this issue:
- Holiday Party: December 11th at 1PM
- Research: Santa Belief in a Pediatric Population

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November 2010 Health Letter - Issue 20

In this issue:
- Pregnancy and Peanut Allergy
- Calcium Supplementation and Heart Risk
- a Bongiorno Production
- patient spotlight: ulcerative colitis
- holiday party: december 11th

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October 2010 Health Letter - Issue 19

In this issue:
- acupuncture and IVF
- acne, cow's milk and sugar
- kids and cell phones
- healthy fall mash up
- who's Pam, where's Ann?
- patient spotlight: reflux, allergies, sinusitis
- InnerSource makes the Vegetarian Times

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September 2010 Health Letter
June 2010, Issue 18

In this Issue:
- dairy free terrorists?
- patient sinusitis success: Michele
- research: B6 foods and Coffee
- dr. Peter's Book signing
- heirloom tomatoe salad
- march for naturopathic licensing

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August 20, 2010

Please join us for a march on Assemblywoman Deborah Glick's office on August 23rd, 2010. Also, see how Sophia did on her first plane ride

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On the Radio, Book Signing and Conference
July 26, 2010

Learn about Dr. Peter on the radio. Also, Dr. Peter will be speaking at the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians 25th Anniversary Conference and book signing. Finally, get ready for Sophia's first plane ride and find out our practice schedule for the month of August.

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Do It With Spice, Licensing Update, Vit D and Depression

June 2010

In this issue learn:
- how to use natural medicine for fertility
- where the licensing effort is
- what Dr. Peter uses to make a muffin
- the fecund vegetable Community Supported Agriculture to which the drs. P belong
- how money affects children's medicine
- grapefruit for hepatitis C
- the latest lectures, and more...

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Naturopathic Licensing, Back Packs, Fish for Sperm, and much more

MAY 2010

The naturopathic doctors were in Albany - learn how you can help get naturopathic medicine licensed in New York State. Also, there is new research about kids and back packs, omega fish oils for male infertility and green teas ability to cut cancer. Also, learn how tomake a summer treat: salmon on a lettuce bibb. Finally, learn what happened to Charlie Chaplin - could it happen to you?

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Spring Detox
April 2010

Spring is a wonderful time of year to consider cleaning the body, mind and spirit. Using a detox properly and effectively will depend on the needs of each person. In this issue, learn about which foods, nutrients, hydrotherapy and other measures can help each person achieve a safe and effective detoxification for you. Also learn how you can use fertility for fertility before a healthy pregnancy.

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Feb - Mar 2010

Please download our comprehensive articles on Attention Deficit, and know that there are many options to heal and balance a child (or adult) with this condition. One in eight New Yorkers have diabetes, and 25% of us do not know it. Natural medicine is a wonderful place to start the road to beating this condition brought on mostly by diet and lifestyle. We have a number of lectures coming up in both New York City and Long Island - we hope to see you there. - dr. pina and dr. peter

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January 2010

A healthy, prosperous, and peaceful New Year to all. We firstly , we want to thank all patients, family and friends who nominated us best of Long Island children"s health, nutrition and acupuncture. We are honored to be chosen best in acupuncture. This Jan 2010 newsletter also includes interesting information about the association between gluten and miscarriages, as well as what pregnant women can do for nausea. We have a number of lectures coming up in both New York City and Long Island - we hope to see you there. - dr. pina and dr. peter

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December 2009


InnerSource Holiday Cheer
In the throes of this holiday season, we wanted to thank you for your support through 2009. We look forward to continuing to guide you towards great health and to celebrate and draw positive energies for the New Year. Please join us for our holiday party.
much health and happiness,
dr. pina and dr. peter

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November 2009

We've Been Nominated - Please Vote One More Time - Holiday Party

Lecture Schedule, Holiday Party, Dr. Peter Interviewed by Gary Null, Article: 'Study Shows New Yorkers Are Neurotic and Unhealthy - Natural Medicine Can Help'

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Swine Flu Recommendations

Dear patients, family and friends,

traditional Chinese Medicine views the fall as a time to build your lung energy and "defensive qi" - the energy that keeps your immune system strong. as the media inundates us with fears and concerns for both the swine and regular flu, we hope this issue supports you with good information to get plenty of sleep and make other best choices to keep yourself and your family healthy.

- in health, dr. peter and dr. pina

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June, July and August 2009


Dr. Pina on News 12 Long Island
Healthy Pregnancy and Birth - from Pre-Conception to Post Natal Care
Our Gastrointestinal Health: Its A Gut Feeling
Getting Your Kids healthy and ready for Back to School
Naturopathic Medicine: Pillars of Health and Healing
Open House Fun Day
Dr. Peter meets with Senator Schumer and an Assemblyman Hoyt
Recipe: Sweet Basil and Ginger Tea

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