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Positive Self-Talk Get-together at the Montauk Salt Cave with Dr. Dawn

Monday Jan 28 @ 5 pm

Treat yourself to a meditative pampering session with Dr. Dawn for your soul & respiratory health in the salt cave with wall-to-wall himalayan sea salts. Let your body melt into the zero gravity chairs while you listen to a lecture of soul-inspiring positive affirmations.

Learn how YOU can help YOU!

Montauk Salt Cave in Huntington
169 New York Ave. Huntington, NY 11743
Please call 631.923.3030 as space is limited


Past Events

Finding Your Balance After the Holidays

Come join Dr. Dawn to learn about western & eastern healing methods

Take time to find your inner zen after the holidays. Learn about how Naturopathic medicine & Chinese medicine can help you heal from the inside out. The session will start with a calming breathing technique followed by balance poses. Then we will discuss diet, supplementation & lifestyle choices to help you achieve optimal health. Stress settles in after the stressors happen to us, so this will be the perfect time to pay attention to how you are feeling! We will wrap it up with a body scan meditation.

Just bring yourself and an open mind!

See you there!

Friday Jan 4th 7-8 pm
Breakaway Yoga.Cycling.Fitness
7b Green St Huntington, NY 11743
RSVP: 631.271.0078


Positive Self-Talk Get-together at the Montauk Salt Cave with Dr. Dawn

Join Dr. Dawn in a fireside chat about attracting positive people into your life

Come relax in the salt cave surrounded by healing himalayan sea salt! Meditate in the zero gravity chairs while listening to a lecture about how to create a tribe of positivity in your life. We will start with a calming breathing technique and then end with a reflecting body scan meditation. Walk out floating on a cloud of relaxation!

See you there!

Thursday Jan 3rd 4-5 pm
Montauk Salt Cave West 169 New York Ave Huntington, NY 11743
RSVP: (631) 923-3030


Lupus & chronic inflammation - what's the connection?

Come to see Dr. Dawn speak at the meet & greet lecture at the Lupus Alliance of Long Island / Queens

TOPIC: Chronic Inflammation & its role in Lupus.
WHEN: Wednesday 11.28.18 at 3pm
Did you know that you can effectively manage Lupus with proper diet, supplementation and lifestyle changes??
It's true!
Come learn how naturopathic medicine can help.

Lupus Alliance of Long Island / Queens
3366 Park Ave
Wantagh, NY 11793


Positive Self-Talk Get-together at the Montauk Salt Cave with Dr. Dawn

Come join Dr. Dawn, ND, LAc from Inner Source Health on Thursday, 11/29 at 5pm in the Salt Cave for a heart warming chat about positive self-talk!

Self-talk is the constant chatter we have with ourselves during every second of every day. Bringing awareness to your own self-talk can provide healing in amazing ways! The salt cave provides an optimum environment to restore balance in your body. A calming & centering body scan meditation will close out this session for your mind, body & spirit. Just bring yourself & your thoughts.

Call ahead to reserve your spot, as space is limited
* All those who attend will be able to book a FREE 30 min Reiki session with Dr. Dawn*

Please call the Montauk Salt Cave West to RSVP: 631.923.3030
Please email to book your Reiki session after you RSVP

We look forward to seeing you there!


'Food as Medicine' Talk with Dr. Dawn Siglain, ND, LAc

11-16-2018 at 230 in Huntington, NY

Free talk at the HEC ( Health Enhancement Center) at the Huntington YMCA Friday 11/16/18 at 2:30 - 3:15 pm
423 Park Ave Huntington, NY 11743


Integrative Medicine for Mental Health 2018 with Dr. Peter Bongiorno


Join Dr. Peter Bongiorno and many other luminaries in the field.

Dr. Peter Bongiorno will speak about how we can learn from ketamine in order to use natural medicines to heal depression.

Also on the roster:

- Dr. Dale Bredesen, author of The Alzheimer's Solution

- Dr. Terry Wahls, author of the Multiple Sclerosis book: The Wahls Protocol

- Dr. James Greenblatt, author of Finally Focused

- Dr. Ben Lynch of

- Dr. Hyla Cass, author of 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health

- Dr. Felice Gersh, renown obstetrician-gynecologist

For More Information Click HERE


Nutrigenomics and Mental Health - Dr. Peter Bongiorno Speaking in San Diego

Unlocking the Brain... A Key to Healing

April 14,15 - 2018

Unlocking the Brain... A Key to Healing PRESENTER LINEUP with Dr. Daniel Amen as Keynote Speaker

Dr. Alicia Johnson, ND Hormonal Influence on Psychiatric Conditions
Dr. John Neustadt, ND Sleep as Symptom: A Clinical Model for Diagnosing and Treating the Underlying Cause of Insomnia
Dr. Jacob Leone, ND Overview of Neuropsychiatric Manifestations of Infectious Diseases
Dr. Peter Bongiorno, ND, LAc Nutrigenomics and Mental Health

Dr. Leah Hollon, ND, MPH Unwinding PTSD and Trauma: Unique Perspectives in Pathophysiology, Therpeutics and Aftercare
Dr. Jennifer Bahr, ND When Strep Makes You Crazy: Integrative and Homeopathic Management of PANDAS
Dr. Daniel Amen, MD Memory Rescue


Keeping up to date with current research about the relationship between psychiatry and neuro-immunology is key to providing the best naturopathic care to our patients. This conference will emphasize clinical updates regarding psychiatric, neurological, and immunological health and how it can influence various conditions common in naturopathic primary care settings.

We have an all-star lineup of speakers ready to share their clinical expertise and who will provide you with the latest in naturopathic and integrative diagnostics, treatment, and management. If you see a variety of different neurological and psychological conditions in your office on a regular basis or just want to learn more about this constantly evolving field of medicine, then this conference is for you. If you want to practice high quality, cutting edge primary care medicine, you won’t want to miss this conference!



Mt. Sinai School of Medicine - Integrative Medicine Elective

Dr. Peter Bongiorno has been asked to return to the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine to share his expertise with the students involved with the Students of Integrative Medicine Program. Dr. Bongiorno has spoken for this program most years since its inception. This year, he will be kicking off the program, giving the students an overview of the state of integrative and holistic care, as well as discuss the specifics of naturopathic medicine.

when: February 8, 2018

where: Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Hess Center Building, 1470 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10029 Room 8-101


Beauty, Baubles and Bubbly Party

Friday, October 20, 2017

First 10 people to RSVP and attend will receive a complimentary facial treatment and acupuncture assessment courtesy of Replenish and Inner Source Health. Time to talk with Dr. Pina and Dr. Peter while having some fun.


Friday, October 20, 2017 – 7PM


330 New York Avenue
Huntington, NY

Space is limited.

Please RSVP to:



Mitochondria and Mood: Understanding the Role of Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Psychiatric Illness

Sept 28 through October 1, 2017 - Orange County, California

Dr. Peter Bongiorno will be speaking at this physician's conference alongside Drs. Daniel Amen, Dale Bredesen, Felice Gersh, James Greenblatt, Jonathan Prousky, and many more.

In high school, we all learned that the mitochondria are the “energy packs of the cell.” What we didn’t learn, even in med school, is that the health of the mitochondria are foundational to our health, including our best neurological health and mood. Understanding mitochondrial dysfunction may be the ultimate way to help treat ‘the underlying cause’ of psychiatric illness.

Please join Dr. Peter Bongiorno as he explains the physiology and biochemistry behind this little cellular powerhouse. He will discuss the evidence base supporting a clear role of mitochondrial dysfunction in psychiatric disease that will lead to mood disorders like depression, anxiety, bipolar and autism. Throughout the lecture, emphasis will focus on the role of hyperglycemia, stress response, dysinsulinemia, toxicity, inflammation, apoptotic events and nutrient deficiencies - all of which will be characterized, regarding their role in mitochondrial destruction.

Dr. Bongiorno will take you through the various practical clinical assessments as well as useful laboratory testing to best assess for mitochondrial issues. He will then discuss the roles of environmental exposure and toxicity, blood sugar dysregulation, nutrition and stress play on mitochondrial health. Finally, he will focus on how to use natural therapies (lifestyle, supplements, etc..) to heal and return to best mood.

In order to truly heal complex health challenges, it is imperative that we understand the process of disease at its roots. More and more evidence is clearly pointing to mitochondrial dysfunction as a root cause of illness. Understanding this process will be a key to treating chronic disease and aging from the roots. This program fits well within the naturopathic mission to increase the human life span and improve the quality life with aging by understanding and clinically implementing available research and scientific principles.