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Webinar - What You Need To Know About Adrenal Fatigue

Wed October 9 @ 11am

Join Dr. Pina for a 20 min lecture with 10 min Q & A to learn about adrenal fatigue and the impact it may be having on your health and quality of life.

Understand how to get yourself checked for adrenal fatigue, and how to address it if needed.

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Past Events

How to Leverage the Mechanisms of Ketamine with Natural Medicines to Treat Depression

2-22-2020 - Dr. Peter Speaking at the Integrative Health Care Symposium

Ketamine is well- known to be the quickest acting anti-depressant, with profound effects after 40 minutes. While helpful, it is also known that ketamine has significant toxicity and questionable duration of effect. Mounting research shows many natural compounds that may affect the body’s biochemistry in a way that can mimic the positive effects of ketamine.

Dr. Peter Bongiorno will explain the mechanisms of ketamine action, and review the animal and clinical research showing the use of lifestyle modifications, supplements and Chinese herbs that can have similar effects. He will also review how genetic predisposition, toxic exposure from environmental toxins and products of internal processes (such as beta amyloid, glutamate and quinolic acid) can affect these pathways. The attendee will leave with specific knowledge of natural medicine recommendations that Dr. Bongiorno finds effective in his patients.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will be able to discuss the efficacy and toxicity of ketamine to treat depression.
Participants will be able to describe the mechanisms of ketamine to relieve depression.
Participants will be able to discuss natural remedies (lifestyle, foods, supplements, herbals) that can mimic ketamine mechanisms.
Participants will be able to discuss how to use natural remedies in combination to create ketamine-like effects to relieve depression.
Session Date: Feb 22 2020 10:45 am – 12:00 pm



Webinar with Dr. Dawn: Need Better Zzzs to Boost your Health?

2-10-2020 at 1pm: Sign up today!

Sign up for Dr. Dawn's FREE 30 min webinar on Monday Feb 10th at 1 PM as she launches her new program 'Acupuncture Before Bed'. Learn how both Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine can benefit your sleep to optimize your wellness.



'Stress & Digestion' with Dr. Dawn

Join us at the YMCA in Huntington!

Attention members at the YMCA join us in the Jorge Family Center for this informative lecture. Get a deeper understanding of how stress impacts digestion. Leave with useful health tips from Dr. Dawn. See you there!


Envisioning 2020 with Dr. Dawn

Get the year started right in the Salt Cave!

Treat yourself to a clarifying session in the salt cave. Clear your mind of all the non-sense so you can focus on what's really important for your visions in the upcoming year!
Remember Wednesdays are 1/2 price in the cave
RSVP as space is limited (631) 923-3030


WEBINAR: Get Rid of the Holiday Bloat

Sign up for Dr. Dawn's Webinar

Monday January 13th 2pm ET.

Learn about an easy technique that can get your digestion back on track in 2020. Let's give your body the digestive support it needs and say good-bye to the holiday bloat.

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'Sleep & Your Health' with Dr. Dawn at Spa Exo'tique

Cozy Sundays Wellness Lectures in Selden

Join us in your comfy clothes for Cozy Sundays at the exquisite Spa Exo'tique. Start the day with tips on getting the ultimate night's sleep at Dr. Dawn's wellness lecture. Leave truly understanding the connection between sleep and your health.
RSVP as space is limited: 631.696.2424


Foods to Beat the Winter Blues

Dr. Dawn Upcoming Lecture: Wild By Nature

Eat right to feel good this winter! Join us at this FREE lecture with Dr. Dawn & learn health tips to keep you feeling your best.


Holiday Zen Time

De-stress for the holidays in the zero gravity chairs at the Montauk Salt Cave West in Huntington for Dr. Dawn's wellness lecture on Wednesday Dec 18th at 2 pm.
RSVP as space is limited 631.923.3030


Holiday Healing Hour in Huntington!

Unwind with Singing Bowls and Community Acupuncture

Have the approaching holidays left you scattered, stressed and harried? Come back to center with a night of singing bowls, community acupuncture and discussion of holiday traditions! Light snacks and refreshments served. All ages welcome. For more info: 631-421-1848


Adrenal Fatigue - Figuring Out Why You Are So Tired, and How to Get Your Energy Back

where: Organic Krush in Roslyn

when: Wed, Dec 4, 2019 at 630PM

Your adrenal glands are these tiny little glands sitting on top of the kidneys. While small, they are powerful to help keep your energy and hormonal levels.

When they are depleted (due to stress, poor sleep, poor eating, toxins, and more) you feel depleted too.

Learn with Doctor Pina LoGiudice how these got this way, how you can accurately test them to see what is going on, and then how to use natural medicines to fix the problem.

She will also share some of her master keys of health that she has written in-depth about in her book, “The Little Book of Healthy Beauty: Simple Daily Habits to Get You Glowing”.

Organic Food Bites, Green Juice, Wine and Beer will be served!

Call 631.421.1848 or email for more information.